Community Response To HIV

Hamilton Public Meeting

A public meeting held in Hamilton, on 24th of September 2015, to connect with community members and to hear feedback about our programme.

The meeting was well attended with members of the community actively participating in the discussion and dialogue about HIV prevention and support to people living with HIV (PLWHIV).  Mr. Tuwe (Programme Manager African Communities) welcomed everyone to the meeting and through his speech explained the our work in the Area of HIV prevention and support. Tuwe spoke about how the programme is implemented and effectively contributing to community health and wellbeing and to reducing New HIV diagnosis.

A speaker from Positive Speakers Bureau shared her story of living with HIV, speaking about the challenges, stigma and the support. Her story was inspiring and empowering. it generated understanding and empathy for people living with HIV/AIDS.

We wish to thank the community in Hamilton for their active participation, involvement and the unwavering support our programme received. Also special thank you to Marlene Williams from Ministry of Health for attending and supporting the African community.

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