Condoms and Lube

Condoms are used during sex to provide protection against  sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV. When used properly and consistently, condoms can prevent HIV and many STIs.  They are also a good way of preventing unwanted pregnancy.

Free condoms

Yes, free! and you can get them through us, click here.

Buying condoms

Condoms come in a range of shapes, sizes, thicknesses, flavours, textures and colours.

While you can get free condoms though us, buying your own condoms gives you more choice and allows you to be sure you have the perfect fit. Pharmacies, supermarkets and adult shops have the best selection, but you can also get them from nightclubs, convenience stores, petrol stations and brand websites.   Standard condoms are available in bulk from your nearest sexual health clinic or Family Planning.

Though the standard size will fit most guys, smaller and larger condoms are available. It’s important to use a brand that fits well so that it doesn’t slip off or split.

There are no age limits for buying condoms. Buying condoms shows that you are taking responsibility for your actions.

Expiry date

Condoms are marked with a ‘best before’ date. When this date has passed, throw the condoms away.

Carry more than one

It’s a good idea to carry more than just one condom and lube sachet, so that if something goes wrong with the condom, you have a back-up.