The Perfect Fit

Condoms come in lots of different sizes. You can get longer or shorter or wider or narrower ones. If a packet of condoms says ‘large’ or ‘small’, this is usually talking about the width of the condom, not the length. Be honest! A condom that is too big may come off, and a condom that’s too small might break. Most condoms that you buy in shops and vending machines will be a standard size.

How do you know which condom is right for you? Experiment a bit. If they tear or split when you put one on, you probably need a bigger one. If they come off too easily you need a snugger one. Some guys are allergic to latex and have to find non-latex ones. Some guys like to put a little lube on their cock before putting the condom on, but we know it also means the rubber can slide off more easily so we definitely don’t recommend it. Put the lube on the outside; this is best for keeping you and your partner safe.

Use condoms correctly and you are safe to play as you want.