Endalk’s experience in China

Endalk Bizie, was in third year studying Bachelor of Business (Major in Marketing), when he first came to join our LCP team. Since then Endalk has graduated, became an active ambassador and LCP volunteer. He traveled to South Korea and China working as an English language teacher, in this blog Endalk shares some experiences of his journey with us.

Teaching English in China

Teaching English in China is one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. I’ve traveled the world for one year, witnessed amazing cultures, sampled succulent cuisines and indulged in a lifestyle of adventure and excitement. There comes a time in every traveler’s life, however, when new experiences present themselves in ways never before imagined.

I’ve now been teaching English in China for 6 months and although I will soon pack my bags again and carry on with my life’s journey, I have found my  experiences here to be as epic as any ‘I’ve ever had on the road. Teaching will stay with me forever and I will come back to it. It’s the perfect way for travelers to “work” while still enjoying new people, places and perspective. Teaching English has enriched my life and taught me much about Chinese culture and customs that I would never have learned while passing through. It has had such a profound effect on my life that I have decided to put together this list of 6 Reasons to Start Teaching English in China.Jay1

  1. The People: The people in China are incredibly friendly and they will always treat you like an honored guest in their country. You will be treated like a star. People go out of their way to say hello, smile at you or stop their car to stare at you. They will invite you to their homes for dinner, offer you free vegetables at the market and never rip you off.
  2. The Job: Teaching English in China is the most rewarding job we’ve ever had. Walking into a classroom to see 12 students light up at the sight of you, is an indescribable feeling. Chinese kids work extremely hard in school. By the age of 12 they spend up to 10 hours a day studying, but when they start their English lesson with the foreign teacher who lets them play games in class, they finally get a chance to let loose and have fun. Being a part of that fun is a blessing and they truly love and respect their foreign teachers in China.
  3. The Food: Sure you’ve had Chinese food at home, but you really have no idea just how delicious the food here is until you’ve sampled it straight from the source. There is an astounding variety of colours and flavours, and although Chinese people are notorious for eating anything and everything, there are plenty of “normal” dishes on the menu. And who knows, you may be like us and find out that you really like ox tongue and sheep stomach!
  4. The Feeling Of Travelling While You’re Working: One of the best parts of teaching English in China is the feeling of being somewhere new every day. Sure you have a bit of a routine going to work, but every day on your way to work you’ll see something you’re not used to. China is a fabulously different place and every minute you’re here, you know you’re somewhere exotic. So for those of you who crave the spontaneity of travel, China manages to satisfy those needs while you’re living your day-to-dayJay2
  5. The Hours: Most jobs teaching English in China will advertise around 20 hours per week, but we know a lot of foreigners here teaching at many different schools and the truth is that you will often work far less than that. Our schedule is 6 teaching hours on Saturday and Sunday, and then 5 or 6 more hours spread over the rest of our work week (from Wednesday to Friday). How easy is that? There is always some extra time associated with teaching like marking tests and writing lesson plans, but working less than 20 hours a week leaves us plenty of time to do things we love: hanging out with friends, and seeing China.
  6. Feeling Like A Rock Star: Being a foreigner in much of China is still a commodity. I’ve been asked to be on TV twice. Many Chinese people associate a foreign face with success, and these moments of fame can pay quite handsomely. I get ,why picture taken every time I leave my house. People called me Obama. I felt like a movie star.

Here is the link to my TV interview in China:  Communicative teaching

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