LCP Sponsorship Guidelines

Community engagement plays a crucial role in our programme; interacting with the African communities on individual and collective basis in environments where members of the community engage; popular hang-out spots, social and religious venues and at events.

Sponsorship is another  integral part of our work We are able to offer a limited number of sponsorship opportunities with the aim of assisting us in raising awareness about HIV and the development of a condom culture among the communities most at risk from HIV in New Zealand – which include African communities. We welcome applications from individuals and organisations that help us empower and support our communities.

LCP sponsored numerous community events in 2014, these range from small community meetings to large events such as Africa Day and Miss Africa New Zealand.

Before submitting please read the Love Cover Protect sponsorship Guidelines.
Please send your submission to  with the subject line ‘Sponsorship Request’ and ensure your email contains the following:

Group /organisation name
Postal address
Contact person’s name
Contact person’s phone number
Please feel free to send any other details you would like to add

Thanks, and we look forward to hearing about your event!
Love Cover Protect Sponsorship Form

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