About us

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We are an HIV prevention programme for Africans by Africans living in Aotearoa, working together with communities to keep our families safe, happy, and healthy. We are focused on preventing the transmission of HIV and providing support for people living with HIV.

Love Cover Protect began in 2011 and since then has been actively working to raise awareness, support, empower and inform the African communities in New Zealand.

We work to reduce HIV prevalence in our community, which we’re proud to say we’ve been effectively doing well since the programme began in 2011.

Our programme is set up to provide information and empower our community in the best possible and culturally appropriate way. We are here to work with you, together in a number of different ways to promote a happy, healthy and HIV resilient community. Here are some of the ways we do this:

  • we facilitate youth workshops
  • we have a ‘Train the Trainer’ programme for community educators
  • we work with religious and community leaders
  • we sponsor key community events such as independence day celebrations, sport programmes, and many more. Check out our sponsorship guidelines here.

To get involved, please contact a community coordinator in your region.