Sexual health and contraception

tewListen to Tewodros Melesse Ethioipian economist and Director-General of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, who has been visiting New Zealand to discuss the role of men and boys in ensuring gender equality in the realms of sexual and reproductive health.

Mr. Melesse is the former Regional director of Planned Parenthood in Africa.

“In any culture, in any society, in any religion sex is part of the human life.  But people are in denial of that sexuality. When we are talking about sexuality education it is not about teaching sex, sex is human nature, but what are the consequences of sexuality, how can you avoid unwanted and unnecessary consequences of sexuality” says Tewodros Melesse.

“There should be a systematic approach to sexual education and comprehensive sexual education at age appropriate, at each level in the education system, that is very critical. and also the attitude of to be male what does it mean?”

Full interview available below.

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