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Talking about sex and sexual health can be embarrassing to some people. There can be stigma and shame around sexual health, STIs and HIV. As a result many people remain silent.But did you know that talking about HIV/AIDS and sexual health in general help people to know what to do to prevent and treat HIV.

Start the Conversation

The things to talk about are HIV prevention, HIV testing, and condom use, all of which lower new HIV infections.

For many in our community, family is our primary social unit and source of support. Our family also is the first line in preventing HIV infections. It is very important for parents to start the conversation with their children.

The African Community in New Zealand is the second largest population group most affected by HIV, it is estimated that the total number of Africans diagnosed with HIV from January 2006 to March 2012 in New Zealand 205, which is 17% of all people diagnosed with HIV in New Zealand during that period. The most common age group at diagnoses was 30-39.
HIV Clinical specialists are providing care for 295 adult Africans (139 men and 156 women), representing 19% of all their HIV patients. These data suggests an adult prevalence of 5%.

You can make a difference by talking openly about sexual health, sex, HIV/AIDS and STIs with your families, partners, and friends.

It is important to have a safe and supportive environment to share correct and factual information about HIV.

You can read more here AfricaNZ Health Research Report

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