We have to risk being changed

To change our negativity, we must ask ourselves how it serves us. If you expect the worst, you’ll never be disappointed. A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, but an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. the choice is ours.
To change our cynicism, we must ask ourselves where it originates. Cynicism sometimes masquerades as wisdom. Because cynics are afraid they will get hurt or be disappointed, they cut to the chase and they say no before anything bad can happen. But no keeps us closed off. Saying yes begins things  and gives them room to grow. Saying yes leads to knowledge.

To change our edginess, we must ask ourselves what’s stressing us. In times of stress, the best thing we can do for each other is to listen with our ears and our hearts and to remember that feelings are just as important as thinking. Under stress, we can train ourselves to go in either direction—toward the positive or the negative.

To change our anger, we must ask ourselves what’s angering us. It is wise to direct your anger toward problems, not people, and to focus your energies on answers, not excuses. Anger is usually a feeling that makes our mouths work faster than our minds, and then we regret it.

To change our tension, we must ask ourselves if our agitation is making us unworkable. When we lead with anxiety we are allowing the pressure of the job to take over. In so doing, we risk leaving destructive marks on those around us.

To be changed, we have to weigh what has happened to us against what is happening within us.

It is hard to stay grounded when you feel the ground has been pulled from underneath you.

Lead From Within:
To risk changing ourselves we must look within ourselves and find what is confused and what is brilliant, what is bitter and what is sweet. When we do, it isn’t just ourselves that we’re discovering, but everyone and everything.

This piece written by Lolly Daskal who is a leadership coach, I found it interesting and useful, hope you enjoyed reading it. Full post at: 

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